The Medallion

Synopsis: John Gates' life was just the way he liked it: simple, quiet and uncluttered, but best of all, anonymous. Living in a city of millions made it easy to blend in and disappear. He only wanted to keep his past and his skills hidden from everyone and try to live a normal, if not boring, life. Unfortunately for John, his world gets turned upside down and inside out the day he finds The Medallion. The seemingly innocent act of being a good Samaritan has repercussions beyond anything that John could have previously imagined. Now he is in a race against time and creatures known and unknown to save himself, the woman he could not help but fall in love with, and possibly the human race. To succeed, John will have to not only use his skills and training, but embrace them to the fullest, pushing himself further than he thought possible. Along the way he will have to deal with his own internal demons as well as the new external ones he has accidentally stumbled upon.

The Medallion will appeal to a broad audience, both male and female. It is a fast-paced mystery/thriller with a heavier sci-fi element than my first two novels.

Anticipated publish date: Undetermined