I am currently an author by morning and night and a CFO/COO/CCO for a Registered Investment Adviser in Santa Barbara, CA by day.

I finished my first novel, Four Lives© in December 2009 (100,000 words, published in June 2011, on hold in September 2012), I finished my novel, Abduction©, in December 2010 (89,000 words, not yet published) and I finished my third novel, The Medallion (101,000 words, not yet published) in February 2012. I am currently underway on my fourth novel, The Ghost in the Machine (original title was Euthanasia), a paranormal action/thriller.

I've also written a short story for children called Snot Boy and Booger© which I completed in the Spring of 2009 but still needs some work [not yet published].

Four Lives© is a mystery/thriller/action novel, with a sci-fi/time-travel element. [published June 2011, on hold as of September 2012]

Abduction© is a mystery/thriller/action novel. [not yet published]

The Medallion is a mystery/thriller/action novel with a stronger sci-fi element than my first two novels. [not yet published]

The Ghost in the Machine (original title was Euthanasia) is a paranormal action/thriller. [in progress]

Snot Boy and Booger© is a children's story that will most likely appeal to elementary school-aged boys. [not yet published]

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Thank you and happy reading!