Snot Boy and Booger©

Synopsis: What do you when you are an elementary school boy, you have a medical condition that you cannot control, and you get picked on by the playground bully? You become a super hero of course! This is the story of how Snot Boy and Booger come to be and their first adventure. In this first installment, Joey McGilly meets Billy at a support group meeting. They become fast friends and decide to use their conditions for good. Once they decide their super hero names and get their costumes ready, they are set for their first adventure: The Potluck Proving Grounds. There, they run into Lefty and his two goon friends. What ensues is a funny and gross confrontation where we learn whether Snot Boy and Booger can use their super powers to protect themselves and the other kids at the park, as well as how they deal with their new-found, albeit secret, notoriety.

Snot Boy and Booger will appeal to grade school children, probably boys more than girls. It deals with how we are all different but we all have our strengths and weaknesses that we have to live with.