Synopsis: What starts out as a fun family road trip that is only supposed to be three days long turns into an eight year nightmare for some members of the Douglas family (the ones who can remember it), and the end of the line for others. Nick Douglas is a middle-aged man who took a forced early retirement from a secret agency who has been yearning for something more. When he decides to buy a custom motorcycle in Arizona and ride it back to the family's Southern California beach home with his wife and two children following him in the family mini-van, their road trip goes terribly wrong. Along the way, Nick loses the will to fight back and it is up to his son JJ, who was ten years old when the unspeakable happens, to try and save the family. But JJ doesn't know who to trust - even his closest friend and father-figure, the man who has basically raised JJ for the past eight years, is suspect. This fast-paced story takes place in the span of a few days and at the end, the reader will be left stunned at the crosses and double-crosses.

Abduction will appeal to a broad audience, both male and female. It is a fast-paced mystery/thriller with a light sci-fi (mind-wiping and brain-washing) element whose main characters, male and female, must face losing the people closest to them and how each deals with that loss. It explores the good and bad that is in all of us and how we have to live with both.

Anticipated publish date: Undetermined